hit job on President Bush

Now, in all fairness, I admit that the first President George W. Bush term was better than the second.  I completely disagree with TARP, but here is another piece by Politico (who’s veracity is questionable after the Ben Carson hit piece) but this seems legit, except for the obvious implication that Bush knew there was going to be an attack.  Without spoiling the article, I’ll let you read it, Politico goes into great fanfare of saying that the CIA meeting mentioned that al Qaeda was “coming here.”  However, they don’t specify when or where there is going to be an attack.

The simple truth is that the CIA didn’t know when or where there was going to be an attack.  All they knew that something big was brewing.  Yes, it doesn’t look good that Dr. Rice, then the National Security Adviser, did not want to go to a war footing, but my sense of the emotion here is that Tenet et. Al. have been reading the intelligence day by day and year after year and with the multitude of issues and demands on the President’s time, including a new President, then without the smoking gun there was nothing to rouse the President’s interest.  If President Bush would have been at the hastily called meeting, things might have been different, he might have asked questions or taken it seriously.  The point is that given the nature of the intelligence profession, of course they knew something was going to happen they didn’t know when or where.

The Politico piece even points this out when they say that during the meeting with Dr. Rice, the attack could be in the next few weeks or months.  They don’t have a specific timeline.  And lastly, getting the country on a war footing without hard evidence is hard to do.  If Politico wants to be placing blame on 9-11, they can start with Clinton’s numerous bungles in handling Osama bin Laden, including an opportunity in the early 1990s to apprehend bin Laden from another nation who knew where he was and were willing to extradite him to the United States.  Instead, the Clinton Administration chose to let bin Laden go to Afghanistan thinking he would be safely out of the way.  Dot. Dot. Dot.

Or Politico could place blame on the New York Times who leaked important information that the National Security Agency could track bin Laden’s satellite phones and monitor his communications.  Thanks to that piece of intelligence, he stopped using electronic communications and our understanding of his plans dried up.

The media’s hatred of George W. Bush will not go away.  But this piece does nothing to advance the hit job agenda with a smoking gun that “Bush knew.”  He didn’t, if you know how the intelligence bureaucracy works, but the majority of Politico readers don’t care.  So, in their minds, chalk one up against Bush.  The problem is that it won’t stick.

The Left has tried this tactic with war for years, including smearing their liberal darling of FDR that he knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and wanted to draw us into the war.  Utter nonsense.  But the Left will keep trying to do anything to defeat America at the expense of our enemies.