Pour Some Sugar On Me

Quick!  Buy the sodas!  Stock up on the doughnuts!  Save the ice cream!  The government is coming for your sugar!

The article discusses how politicians in the UK are looking to restrict and regulate the amount of sugar children are able to consume as well as the free markets’ ability to regulate it.  Under the premise that children eat too much sugar, freedom is taking a backseat.

5 year old sugar
Average 5 year old eats weight in sugar | Image: telegraph.co.uk

War Provides Government Power

Why do I quip in the opening about freedom taking a backseat?  Because the more government intervenes in regulating what they deem “bad behavior” the more that they intrude on freedom.  In the United States, the Declaration of Independence declared that we all had the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  If my happiness is rooted in ice cream then I should be free to pursue it.  This attack of freedom is akin to the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty — any of the “wars” purported by Government.  How so?  Instead of reforming behavior the Government aims to disincentivise participation in the regulated behavior.

Why?  Because disincentivising participation requires government resources.  This means the government needs money to spend on people, advertising, laws, enforcement, taxes, etc.  Whatever disincentive mechanism chosen the government needs power to enforce it.  Power is the sole aim of government.  However, freedom is the sole aim of man.  This can have disastrous consequences let there be no mistake.  But it also can lead to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The difference is in the aim of the individual.  Reforming the individual provides the individual power at the expense of the government.  Governments don’t like to lose power.

Options Other Than War

So, what, to use the term de jour, options other than war exist?

First, individuals need to take responsibility.  Period.

Second, religion provides benefits.  I believe that the decline of Christian influence in out culture with it being pushed out hostilely the last 60 years is directly proportional to the declination of personal responsibility.

Third, get involved.  Yes, you may vote.  If you don’t vote, do!  But also we need to hold our local, state and federal representatives and government accountable by letting them know constantly where we stand on issues.  It will make a difference.

Like Matthew West says, “do something.”

solidarity against terrorism

Al Shbaab map
Al Shabaab locations in yellow.

A no I don’t mean a group looking to impose Communist rule.  This is solidarity against terrorism.

This is a heart warming story about the solidarity of humans in the face of brutal attacks from terrorists.  Nice to see these Kenyan Muslims stand up to their attackers who were demanding to slaughter only the Christians.  More evidence of the incompatibility between radical Islam and Christians and what we’ve seen before regarding Christian persecution.


Little People of God – Advent, Day 4

Today’s Advent reading from Good News of Great Joy discusses the way God’s providence and sovereignty guide ALL actions throughout history to bring about His Plan and that the little people of God should not feel insignificant in a big world.  All is guided by God.

Little People of God

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Advent — Day 3

Today’s reading for Advent is focused on Zechariah’s prophecy saying that

God has visited and redeemed his people

with the coming of Jesus Christ.

Piper points out that in this prophecy Zechariah is speaking in the past tense because God’s promises are always going to come true.

He also notes the expectation the Jews were waiting for Jesus even though many missed his appearance on earth.  Today Christians are awaiting the second Advent of Jesus when he reigns as a conquering King. Like Christmas we have to ask…are you waiting excitedly or nervously?