liberal extortion: an overview

So, in my previous post on the movement of college extortion, I started off by saying that liberals are the party of extortionists AND that extortion is a crime.  I won’t re-hash that here, but my thinking is that this is a good way to draw a dichotomy between the liberals and conservatives.

Liberals want power from the people and conservatives want to en-power the people.

Liberals Advancing Their Power

There are multiple topics where we see liberals extorting—i.e., using the threat of fear to get one to do that which they would not normally do—Americans to implement their agenda that give them power.  Ozone controversy in the 1980s.  Global warming of the 1990s and when that didn’t happen, now its climate change.  Affordable Care Act passage to read the bill.  Debt crises–we have to extend the debt or default and we’ll talk about the “solution” later.  These are plenty of examples we can learn from, but to understand how liberals extort the American public to gain power, lets look at Rahm Emmanuel’s favorite saying, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

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the byline says it all…

Fascinating piece here from the Financial Times that presents a real challenge to Hillary Clinton’s aspiration to be the next President of the United States: her feeling of entitlement to the office.  She is going to have to work at it.

Now, before you jump down my throats as being another right-wing conspiracy theorist who hates women, let me explain what I mean.  The article’s byline says it all:

She cannot expect to shift the gender gap simply by declaring her election would make history

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FOX News opinion article FINALLY makes the point about the hypocrisy regarding freedom of religion and freedom of expression. More of this needs to be done because I stand for liberty. While I disagree on many levels with the LGBT community–some of those due to theological positions–the fact remains that in America they are free to believe what they want and have the same rights of expression that I do did.

However as this experiment so greatly demonstrated is that the cakes were expressing his beliefs but were deemed offensive. Yet the same situation reversed is expression. More of this needs to be done. Theology has nothing to do with it. Expression is expression. If we cede the ground lost on this point what is the next avenue of victory for those who are anti-liberty? Church services in general? A cross necklace?

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