Terrorism’s Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the room
The Elephant in the Room

The phrase “the elephant in the room” comes from the 1950s and means something that one can see but no one wants to talk about.  It looms over a conversation and people can hint at it, but no one definitively discusses it.  The elephant in the room regarding the Global War on Terrorism is something most don’t realize.


Little People of God – Advent, Day 4

Today’s Advent reading from Good News of Great Joy discusses the way God’s providence and sovereignty guide ALL actions throughout history to bring about His Plan and that the little people of God should not feel insignificant in a big world.  All is guided by God.


Advent — Day 3

Today’s reading for Advent is focused on Zechariah’s prophecy saying that

God has visited and redeemed his people

with the coming of Jesus Christ.

Piper points out that in this prophecy Zechariah is speaking in the past tense because God’s promises are always going to come true.