Terrorism’s Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the room
The Elephant in the Room

The phrase “the elephant in the room” comes from the 1950s and means something that one can see but no one wants to talk about.  It looms over a conversation and people can hint at it, but no one definitively discusses it.  The elephant in the room regarding the Global War on Terrorism is something most don’t realize.

Terrorism’s Elephant

It is something that is so simple most would agree.

Yet, it is complex that most do not want to discuss it.

However, I am taking a stand because we have entered a now or never phase.  Terrorism has attacked America again.  And it is time for all the facts to be made known.

The elephant in the room isn’t Islam.  Though there is a violent strain of Islam and the Koran is not peaceful.  Islam is not the elephant.

It isn’t Wahhabism.  Although it is a radical strain of Islam this particular elephant follows.

The elephant in the room is Saudi Arabia.  Lets look at the facts.

Facts about Terrorism and Saudi Arabia

There is some connection of financial support from Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 terrorists.

We do know that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabian nationals.  That is almost 80%.

A recently released and redacted CIA report has raised more questions than it answered.  And an article from 2013 quotes individuals saying they were

absolutely shocked about the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks.

And earlier this year, 2015, Zacarias Moussaoui, alleges several Saudi royal family members provided financial support to Osama bin Laden.

Here are more headlines regarding Saudi Arabia and 9/11:

In regards to the attacks in San Bernardino, Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned radicalized.  Seems that the common sense approach is to not only look at Islam but Saudi Arabia as well.  Perhaps your life depends on it.

35 Reasons Against Gun Control

EDIT: Since the post, four more people have confirmed injured in the tragic shootings in California.  This brings the total to 35.  35 reasons against gun control.


Tragically yesterday there was a shooting yesterday in San Bernadino, California at a holiday party being hosted at a government center.  Being California this means it was a de facto gun free zone.

31picSad Math

14 people are already confirmed dead.

17 people are confirmed injured and the news is reporting that some are critical so the number might go up.

14 + 17 = 31

31 persons killed or wounded celebrating the holidays with no—legal—way to defend themselves.  It is unclear how many people were at the party but if one person had a gun, the outcome could have been a lot different.  Just another example of how gun control kills people.  Murder is a crime.  Criminals do it anyway.

Some are suggesting this was terrorism.  While there are no “known” links at this time, ISIS is celebrating the shootings carried out by at least one devout Muslim.  We live in a heightened state of alert.  It is time for true common sense approach: let Americans defend themselves.

Yesterday we had all the proof we need that gun control does not work—sadly 31 reasons.

California’s Water Crisis

Half Full or Half Empty?

I think that the California water crisis is sad, but I had this thought the other day: it is the Left’s own doing.  For now the mantra is that the water crisis is all the farmer’s fault because they are allowed to use as much water as they want.  (See here for a good analysis of this myth.)

The real problem is the left.  The environmentalists.  Using the same tactic of “protecting the environment” they don’t want to allow the building of new resevoirs to contain ground water runoff and use it for human and agricultural consumption.  This was widely reported with Gov. Brown made his historic declaration on water restrictions.  However, the blame has now shifted to the farmers. Continue reading “California’s Water Crisis”