hit job on President Bush

Now, in all fairness, I admit that the first President George W. Bush term was better than the second.  I completely disagree with TARP, but here is another piece by Politico (who’s veracity is questionable after the Ben Carson hit piece) but this seems legit, except for the obvious implication that Bush knew there was going to be an attack.  Without spoiling the article, I’ll let you read it, Politico goes into great fanfare of saying that the CIA meeting mentioned that al Qaeda was “coming here.”  However, they don’t specify when or where there is going to be an attack.

The simple truth is that the CIA didn’t know when or where there was going to be an attack.  All they knew that something big was brewing.  Yes, it doesn’t look good that Dr. Rice, then the National Security Adviser, did not want to go to a war footing, but my sense of the emotion here is that Tenet et. Al. have been reading the intelligence day by day and year after year and with the multitude of issues and demands on the President’s time, including a new President, then without the smoking gun there was nothing to rouse the President’s interest.  If President Bush would have been at the hastily called meeting, things might have been different, he might have asked questions or taken it seriously.  The point is that given the nature of the intelligence profession, of course they knew something was going to happen they didn’t know when or where. Continue reading “hit job on President Bush”

collegiate extortion

The Left is good at extortion.  Period.

But what is extortion?  Wikipedia defines it as:

obtaining money, property, or services from a person, entity, individual or institution, through coercion

and coercion is defined as:

the practice of compelling a person or manipulating them to behave in an involuntary way (whether through action or inaction) by use of threats, intimidation, trickery, or some other form of pressure or force.

So, extortion does not have to involve the use of force.  It does not even have to involve any threat that is real or true, the only qualifier is that the victim of extortion believes that the extorting party is going to make good on their threats.

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the byline says it all…

Fascinating piece here from the Financial Times that presents a real challenge to Hillary Clinton’s aspiration to be the next President of the United States: her feeling of entitlement to the office.  She is going to have to work at it.

Now, before you jump down my throats as being another right-wing conspiracy theorist who hates women, let me explain what I mean.  The article’s byline says it all:

She cannot expect to shift the gender gap simply by declaring her election would make history

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