In the Crosshairs

Just for the record: I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I simply don’t believe in coincidences.  But I promise, I don’t buy a copy of Catcher in the Rye every time I pass a bookstore.  However, it looks like another victory for the anti-gun Obama Administration.

stag arms
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The Crosshairs of What We Know

  • In 2007, Stag Arms was audited by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF);
  • ATF found shoddy record-keeping;
  • ATF helped the straighten-out or at least advise them to do so;
  • In July 2014, the ATF began an investigation of Stag Arms;
  • Stag Arms is pleading guilty to a felony, paying a $500,000 fine and having its firearms manufacturers license revoked; and
  • The owner and CEO, Mark Malkowski, is pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and has
    • agreed to sell the company,
    • pay a $100,000 fine, and
    • not own or manage a firearms business.

The Crosshairs of Thoughts to Ponder

Now what is interesting about the media reports the investigation began in July 2014 began

after a routine ATF compliance inspection turned up a variety of record- keeping violations, missing firearms and unregistered machine guns, the government said.

However, no where in the articles I’ve seen does it say this was a recent compliance inspection earlier in the year.  So, it is possible this is still from the original 2007 infractions.  But this is unclear.

In 2013, Malkowski was quoted relating to the stricter gun laws enacted in Connecticut and he said that his goal was to ensure politicians

heard from our side as well.

I do find it ironic that these inspections come after those comments.  I mean just listen to the words of the U.S. District Attorney who seems almost gleeful about the decision yesterday

For the first time in Connecticut, and there have only been a few of these prosecutions throughout the nation, a large manufacturer is pleading guilty to a felony charge relating to record-keeping violations.

Hopefully Stag can be sold and their products continue to provide freedom to Americans!

35 Reasons Against Gun Control

EDIT: Since the post, four more people have confirmed injured in the tragic shootings in California.  This brings the total to 35.  35 reasons against gun control.


Tragically yesterday there was a shooting yesterday in San Bernadino, California at a holiday party being hosted at a government center.  Being California this means it was a de facto gun free zone.

31picSad Math

14 people are already confirmed dead.

17 people are confirmed injured and the news is reporting that some are critical so the number might go up.

14 + 17 = 31

31 persons killed or wounded celebrating the holidays with no—legal—way to defend themselves.  It is unclear how many people were at the party but if one person had a gun, the outcome could have been a lot different.  Just another example of how gun control kills people.  Murder is a crime.  Criminals do it anyway.

Some are suggesting this was terrorism.  While there are no “known” links at this time, ISIS is celebrating the shootings carried out by at least one devout Muslim.  We live in a heightened state of alert.  It is time for true common sense approach: let Americans defend themselves.

Yesterday we had all the proof we need that gun control does not work—sadly 31 reasons.

Are we that scared-y?

The headline of an AP/MyWay news articles reads: Security steps in Paris, Brussels, May Be Spreading Anxiety.


I don’t say this sarcastically.  I say this incredulously.  Are we that scaredy of a people that we are more concerned with security measures than people wanting to kill us?  Is there such disdain for authority in “the West” that they see those risking their lives to protect them as evil?

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